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The End is Near

For Windows XP that is. Just in case you haven’t heard, on April 8th, 2014, extended support for Windows XP will end. After that date, Microsoft will no longer provide updates & patches for critical security issues. Your computer will not explode! But you will be soon be left with a computer that is even more vulnerable to viruses and hackers. Windows XP is already a security nightmare! And if you have a business, you could find yourself in a bad legal situation because of your failure to provide an adequately secure environment for the data residing on your computer systems. So, now is the time to prepare for life on earth after Windows XP.

Competitive Pricing

When it come to IT services, the competitive pricing model is a difficult concept to apply. Each IT company differs in their business structure, areas of expertise, brands of products, methods of operation, and many other factors. Very few truly "compete" at a comparable level in all areas.


Cloud Services

We offer a wide range of cloud services including:
Internet Security, Internet Filtering, and Cloud Backup.

All of our cloud services include premium support options and hourly service rates customized for each situation.
Cloud services require a service contract agreement.

Computer Repair

We repair most Windows based desktop and laptop computers. All of our work is done on an hourly basis plus the cost of materials. We have a low minimum charge for any service we provide. This minimum charge applies toward the cost of the repairs for your computer. However, if you choose not to repair your computer, or it is not repairable, the minimum charge still applies.

We will always give you an honest evaluation of your machine and the costs to repair it. We will also tell you if, in our opinion, it is not worth repairing.

Virus/Malware Removal

We have many years of experience dealing with computer security and viral infections. When it comes to virus/malware removal, no two situations are ever exactly the same. The method of infection, the combination of infections, and the characteristics of the machine infected is always different. The scenario is unique each time and we must continually adapt our tools and techniques to resolve each new situation we encounter.

Our goal is to remove all of the infections (viral, malware, spyware, adware), repair any damage, patch the holes and make the machine as secure as possible.

We take extreme care to protect your data as we work to discover and remove the infections in each machine we work on.  We will never delete your data or reload your operating system without your prior consent.


You are the Reason for the Season!

Here's a little something to think about. At Christmas we are supposed to remember the birth of Jesus. You see, that is what this "holiday" is actually all about.

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