Competitive Pricing

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Competitive Pricing

When it come to IT services, the competitive pricing model is a difficult concept to apply. Each IT company differs in their business structure, areas of expertise, brands of products, methods of operation, and many other factors. Very few truly "compete" at a comparable level in all areas.

Hourly labor charges is only one small area to consider when searching for IT services. One must also consider the quality and extent of the services provided. How thorough was the service provided and what other parallel services did you receive as a result of the requested service?

This is what sets KC TECHNOLOGIES apart! Sure our hourly rates are good. But it's also about what you get for that rate that counts! We ALWAYS go above and beyond what is required to get the job done. We will go the extra mile to make sure everything is the best it can be. Or, if that is just not possible, we will make sure that the customer is aware of any issues observed during our service.

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    KC TECHNOLOGIES has been serving customers since 1997. Started as a small computer repair business, KC TECHNOLOGIES has grown to include computer support, computer repair, computer sales, network consulting, Internet security and I.T. Solutions. 

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