The End is Near

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The End is Near

For Windows XP that is. Just in case you haven’t heard, on April 8th, 2014, extended support for Windows XP will end. After that date, Microsoft will no longer provide updates & patches for critical security issues. Your computer will not explode! But you will be soon be left with a computer that is even more vulnerable to viruses and hackers. Windows XP is already a security nightmare! And if you have a business, you could find yourself in a bad legal situation because of your failure to provide an adequately secure environment for the data residing on your computer systems. So, now is the time to prepare for life on earth after Windows XP.

If you haven't even started a plan to replace your aging XP machines, you should begin to do so immediately (if not sooner). Backup your data to the cloud, and start swapping out your old XP computers for some new Windows 8 machines. Yes, I said Windows 8! Why not Windows 7? Well, because in January of 2015, (just 8 months after Windows XP support ends) Windows 7 will pass into the extended support season of its lifecycle. You see, Windows 7 has been around since October of 2009! It is already headed for the parking lot! And, it is most likely that the folks at Redmond will then soon begin producing new products that are not “compatible” with Windows 7. Why waste your time upgrading to something that will soon be obsolete! Now is the time to jump to Windows 8!

If you have further questions regarding your options for migrating to Windows 8, give me a call!


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